My name is Nicole Natal, an Emmy Award-winning Director, Producer, artist, and entrepreneur based in Colorado. I have a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Theatre, Film & Television Production from the University of Colorado Denver.

Creating art is my passion and greatest love. I am very much a right-brained human. I grew up singing, dancing, painting, creative writing, acting, and photographing. I photograph on digital and analog, specifically, with 35mm film. I am deeply inspired by vibrant colors, nature, and organic lighting.

Things that make me happy are being outdoors in mother nature, practicing yoga, exploring new places, the beach, drinking tea, spicy foods, creating art, traveling, and collaborating with others. I own a small business named Athena Floral Crowns hand-designing silk or fresh flower crowns for any occasion. I am a resin artist and jewelry designer. Please visit my Etsy Shop by clicking the tab at the top of your page to see the artwork I am selling.

After relocating from Los Angeles, I am currently working in Colorado as a freelance Director/Producer/Cinematographer for film and television productions. I work on projects from ideas to screenplay, pre-production, production, and post-production. I love every aspect of filmmaking and enjoy being hands on throughout the process.  

Please feel free to contact me via email: